• Easy to install and use.
  • Modern browser support.
  • Can click overlay to close menu.
  • Can press ESC key to close menu.
  • Support for both left and right menus.
  • Support for second level submenus.
  • Minimal styling for easy customization.
  • Demo styles included for minimal setup.


Required: jQuery

To use Offside.js, you will need the latest version of jQuery, version 3.3.1. You can download it here. You can alternatively use the CDN of your choosing.

Include the Neccesary Files

  1. Include the latest version of jQuery and offside.min.js right before the end of your body tag.
  2. Add offside.min.css to your document head.
  3. Optionally include offside-demo.min.css for easy styling.

How to Use

Documentation is available on Github for a more detailed guide on setup and usage.

See Documentation on Github.