What is VC Theme?

Inspired by Underscores for WordPress and other popular starter themes, VC Theme aims to help developers jumpstart the development process by providing the necessary files to get started with a few added features, including Bootstrap and custom page templates. It is especially great for those looking to learn theme development, because comments are spread liberally throughout theme files. Devoid of any styling, VC Theme is the perfect starting point for your next project. Happy coding!

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Getting Started

Use as a Parent Theme

  1. Download VC Theme directly or fork on Github.
  2. Unzip into your WordPress theme directory wp-content/themes.
  3. Activate the theme, and you're all set!

Use with a Child Theme

  1. Follow the steps above to install VC Theme.
  2. In wp-content/themes, create a new directory for your child theme.
  3. Inside your theme directory, create a new style.css file and add your theme info.
  4. Make sure you add Template: VCTheme to your style.css so it will recognize VC Theme as the parent.
  5. Activate your theme, and you're all set!

Theme Features

Translation Ready

VC Theme adheres to WordPress standards and best practices to make sure your text can be translated so your site can be read in multiple languages!

Bootstrap 4 & Fontawesome

VC Theme comes bundled with the latest version of Bootstrap and includes everyone's favorite icon pack, Fontawesome.

Highly Customizable

VC Theme is built with YOU in mind. No opinionated styles are included by default meaning that the world is your oyster. Use VCTheme to create something fun!

Child Theme Ready

VC Theme can be used as a child theme or a parent theme. It's all up to you! However, using a child theme is recommended so your changes aren't overridden when VCTheme is updated.

Multiple Page Templates

VC Theme comes with 5 different page templates for you to play with. Included are: fullwidth, fullwidth-nosidebar, leftsidebar, rightsidebar, and nosidebar page templates.

Open Source and Free!

VC Theme is publised under the GNU General Public License, which means that you're pretty much free to use it however you like as long as it includes the same license. Have at it!

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